Computer Science Research and Application Center; To provide computer support to the academic research and education activities to be carried out by university faculty members at national and international level, to contribute to the modern level of management, student affairs and health services by providing computer support to the faculties, colleges and other units of the University, to contribute to the transfer of information and technology with national and international universities of the University, to contribute to all kinds of information processing services needed by public and private institutions. , to conduct researches on these subjects, to support the researches carried out, to train the staff of these organizations, to bring solutions to their problems, to support the publications made.


Our university's web pages and applications have been developed by BAUM staff. The trust and up-to-dateness of the developed websites and applications are controlled by us.
We are working to ensure that our websites are displayed compatiblely on devices such as smartphones and tablets that are widely used today.
To provide the possibility of downloading widely used software, it is to provide it to our staff and students.